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Frequently Asked Questions:



Where do I locate my serial number?


It is usually stamped on the side of engine.


What should I do if I a having trouble with my Dynamo Power equipment?


Contact customer service at 1-888-914-2210.


What fuel should I use in my Dynamo Power equipment?


For all gasoline products, use regular unleaded gasoline. For Diesel products, use a


mid-grade diesel fuel.


What should I do if I did not receive all the parts, accessories or manuals when I


purchased my Dynamo Power equipment?


Contact our customer service department,within 5 days of purchase, at 1-888-915-2210.


Please have your bill of sale available.


How do I register my Dynamo product?


You can register your product by filling out the warranty and mailing it to the address on your


bill of sale.

How long is my warranty?


Dynamo Warranty is one year parts & labor for all consumer use. All Dynamo equipment used


for any commercial use is covered for 6 months parts & labor. All equipment will be carefully


reviewed to determine what is covered under warranty.

How do I transfer warranty?


Anything that has over six (6) months on warranty will not transfer warranty to second owner.


Second owner may call customer service to purchase a warranty program.


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